Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jeff Napier's Gay Skydiving Club

I am starting an all male Gay Skydiving Club. Our main goal is the legalization of gay marriages in the south. As you all know i am gay and have been with my partner Billy Vance for three years now. We are very happy together and are both avid skydivers. We are looking to combined our love for each other and gay marriages into the sport of skydiving. For anyone interested in joining, the only requirements are that you are in fact gay and are a current skydiver. it doesn't matter if you are USPA certified or not we will take militarily certifications as well. The name of the club is Flaming Free Fallers. we will be attending the board meeting come January 2010. So look our dudes. oh and you can find me on under the handle jumpdude check out some of my links